Beard Oil

Beard Oil

A few years ago I kissed my baby face goodbye and decided to commit myself to growing a nice, thick beard. As easy as this sounds, it actually presented some hurdles along the way including some lifestyle changes. First of all the growing of the beard presented some challenges as did some important people in my life who were not used to me having a beard.

My first attempts at committing to growing my beard failed. There were comments from coworkers about it being time to shave and I remember one attempt stopped due to a close friends wedding. The beard just wasn’t “me” yet. I didn’t own it…yet.

The biggest block was coming from my girlfriend who just couldn’t get used to the stubble. She was the main reason why I was spending hundreds of dollars on razor blades. Every time we kissed she would comment how she hated the stubble and how it hurt her lips.

After some convincing of how so many men look better with beards, at least she agreed to stop the complaining. My mother, on the other hand, didn’t want to say goodbye to her baby’s face, but she knew that wouldn’t stop me.

So I finally broke down and found some great material on how to grow a beard. I follow some great tips that included tossing away my razors, looking less in the mirror, to some more obscure ones that had to do with diet.

After a few months I had a solid, full man beard. The beard gave me a whole new look and I started to own that new look. All of a sudden I started getting compliments that I look smarter, more sophisticated, and at the same time, more fun. People that already knew me were getting used to the “new” me, and people that just met me, well, didn’t know any different.

A little more research into the world of “owning” a beard led me to some tips of how to treat your beard better. That’s when I discovered beard oil. That’s when my girlfriend really started to come to terms with my beard. My beard softened and I became kissable again.

Another happy bearded man I am.

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