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Nothing says ‘I’m a man’ more than a beard

In the midst of the current beard growing craze there is a savior among us all – beard oil.  If your initial reaction is “beard what?”, you are not alone, but you may be pleasantly surprised.

Nothing says ‘I’m a man’ more than a beard, however, the people in your life may have different opinions of your new man creation.  Beards can turn off a woman from wanting to kiss you, beards can be super itchy, and beards can be carriers of microscopic bacteria.

The answer to these small beard hiccups is beard oil.  Beard oil not only leaves a softer beard, but can also strengthen your beard for better growing.  The added benefit of a scent, whether already added or put in yourself, gives your face a fresh, smooth, soft, yummy environment any woman would want to kiss.

Should I learn how to make beard oil?

When I first heard about beard oil my first question was how to make beard oil myself.  I searched around Google and Youtube and found a few beard oil recipes.  This same search led me to Amazon where I discovered that there were TONS of beard oil products already.

I felt instead of taking the time to learn how to make beard oil and buy each separate ingredient, just finding one with the right ingredients for me would be the better choice.  A DIY beard oil could be for another day, but I’d rather have a complete beard oil product delivered to my door within 2 days.

Next question… How to apply beard oil?

So I got this beautiful dropper bottle of beard oil and I was so excited to slap some oil in my beard, but then it dawned on me that I have no idea how to apply beard oil.  I mean, I know how to apply oil, but how much beard oil do I use?  What’s the most effective way to apply it.  My beard is super thick and just about reaches my shirt.  This could get messy.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one asking how to apply beard oil.  I simple Youtube search led me to the following video which thoroughly explains how to apply beard oil.

So the big question…How did I like the beard oil I got?

At first I didn’t know any difference between one oil or the other.  This beard oil had grapeseed oil, almond oil, and a scent.  When I first applied the beard oil I enjoyed the scent, but the feeling was a little too greasy.  Then, after some time, the scent started to get boring.  So I started to research hair oils.  I found the best beard oil was jojoba oil and argan oil.  I also read somewhere that it’s better to add your own scent as some companies either use cheap essential oils or they may use one that you don’t really like.

The best beard oil I have found is Original Beard Oil.  It uses a mixture of organic jojoba oil and organic moroccan argan oil.  The oils feel fresh and not over greasy.  I also like how there is no scent added, yet the guys at Original Beard Oil suggested some great sources for essential oils to add on my own.  I don’t consider this a DIY beard oil as the product is ready to apply while the scent is just suggested.

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