How To Grow A Beard

Growing A Beard Takes Commitment

After getting tons of questions on our blog, facebook, and twitter, I thought it would be appropriate to address the question: How to Grow a Beard, Successfully?

The main issue at hand is that you’ve never grown a beard and you don’t even know what your beard is going to look like.  The main obstacles about growing a beard you will have are from the people around you: girlfriend, friends, family, coworkers, etc.

The most difficult time you will have when growing your beard are in the early stages.  This is when people will start to comment that you look like a bum, or that you forgot to shave.  A great tip to overcome this initial phase of growing a beard is to clean up around your beard.  Clean up those high cheek hairs and lower neck hairs.  Obviously don’t clean up the main beard and mustache areas.  If you have any doubts about where to clean up you can ask your barber.  Make sure you tell him your goal to grow a full, thick beard.

I get the question often of how to grow a beard faster.  There are a lot of products out there that boast they help beard hair grow faster.  This can be true and false at the same time.  What determines how fast your beard grows is a mixture of genetics and health of your hair follicles.  Let’s face it, some peoples hair just grows crazy fast while others doesn’t.  However, it is important to keep your hair follicles healthy by cleaning your face at least once a day and applying clean face oils such as jojoba or sesame oil.   Will your beard grow faster?  I can’t say, but at least you’re setting up a healthy environment for your beard to flourish.

Another question I get that is similar to how to grow a beard faster is how to grow a full beard.  By this I am assuming people mean how to grow a beard without blotches that fills in nicely.  The simple answer is ‘Don’t Touch It’.

Really, you should not touch your beard for at least 2 months.  As mentioned above you can clean around the edges, but don’t trim any areas of your beard, even if it seems like it is coming in uneven.  Also, don’t over-touch or rub any areas where it seems hair is not coming in, that will only make it worse.  The biggest tip to how to grow a thicker beard is to just let it grow.  It may take 4-5 months to really have a full, thick beard.

The first 4-5 months of growing a beard are critical.  Put the razor down!  You are going to lose confidence along the way.  People are going to share their opinions on your new addition.  Keep going and your dedication will pay off in the end.  When those same people see you in a few months time they will be impressed at your commitment and with the full, thick beard you have developed.

The next step is to care for your beard with a great beard oil.  Original Beard Oil is a mix of pure, organic oils designed to soften and strengthen your beard.

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