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Take Care of That Beard Boy

The first challenge of growing a solid, full beard is behind you, now it is time for some beard care. Beards can get itchy, wiry, and can be collecting microscopic bacteria without you even knowing it. Thankfully this is can all be helped with some proper beard care.

Facial hair growth faces a few factors that other body hair does not. Your facial skin can be a sensitive area. Everything you apply to your face can have a different reaction. What is moisturizing to some may be drying to others. Facial hair growth is exposed to many foreign bodies such as food and dust which can carry bacteria along with them.

The last thing we want when growing a beard is for other people to think we are dirty, lazy, and gross. We want our beard to be respectable and professional.

Here are a couple of beard care tips and a few beard care products that will help you keep that healthy, shiny beard others will be jealous of.

Beard Care Tip #1: Castor Oil your beard. Castor oil has been said to strengthen beard hair and even help it to grow faster. Castor oil is also very good for your skin. The best beard castor oil is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Just rub a few drops in 30-40 minutes before you shower.

Beard Care Tip #2: Soaping your beard. Beard care is a daily practice. Now most of you shower everyday and I know you use shampoos and other soaps. For your beard care you want to use a very mild soap with no harsh chemicals or detergents that can cause drying and damage. I suggest Kirk’s Castile Coco bar soap. You can clean your beard everyday with this soap and it won’t damage your beard hairs.

Beard Tip #3: Beard Oil. I know you have already put castor oil in your beard, but that was just for your pre wash beard care. Beard oil is to be applied after your shower and you can leave it in all day. The best beard oil to look for is one made from clean, organic oils, preferably jojoba and argan oil. For beard care, your beard oil will leave your beard looking shiny, feeling soft and healthy. Original Beard Oil is the perfect mixture of these two organic oils.

So the best beard care products I have found are ones that are chemical and fragrance free. I do occasionally add a hint of essential oil to my beard oil for a little added fragrance, but make sure you are using a high quality essential oil as they can be very drying.

Here is a list of some great beard care products I have found over the years:
Soap: Kirk’s Castile Coco Bar Soap
Castor Oil: Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Beard Oil: Original Beard Oil
Beard Comb: Kent Homemade Comb
Beard Trimmer: TRYM II

Treat your beard right with proper beard care. You will be preventing a blotchy, old, weathered beard look and leave your beard healthy and vibrant. Your beard is the first thing people will notice about you, make a good first impression with diligent beard care.

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