So, is it possible to Over Apply Beard Oil?

The answer is yes. You can over apply beard oil and have some consequences along with it.

But let me start off with some good news first. Your beard is NOT going to fall off if you over apply beard oil. It’s not going combust into flames and have you running down the road in a panic.

The bad news is the consequence of having an oil slick on your face throughout the day.

The hair and skin can only absorb so much oil before it says “hey, I’ve had enough”. Your skin keeps the rest of the oil up on the surface and this is where you are left with the oil slick.

Some guys think they’ll just give the extra oil a few minutes and let it evaporate off their face. The problem is that oil is not water based and does not evaporate in the traditional sense. It dissipates through oxidation where there’s a chemical process of the oxygen molecules and oil molecules reacting to each other. And that is how oil dissipates.

This is really good news because beard oil will stay in your beard for a very long time compared to a water based product. This allows the beard oil to condition your beard the entire day, but also be careful of things coming in contact with your beard if you have applied too much oil.

If you feel you have applied too much beard oil, while using your phone be careful not to rub your phone against your beard. Also, when hugging friends/family be wary not to rub your beard on their clothes. You could stain your own collar as well. If you over applied beard oil before bed you can get oil slicks on your pillow and sheets. Oil does not come out of fabric so these fabrics may be ruined.

Throughout the year we may need to adjust how much beard oil we use. In colder, drier months you can apply a bit more than in the hot, sticky season.

If you have applied too much beard oil, don’t panic, it’s not too tough to get excess off. Don’t go running into the shower trying to get it out as water will not get the oil out. What you can do is simply take a paper towel and gently swipe off the outer layer of your beard. This will usually get enough of the excess oil off.

Throughout the day some of the oil with dissipate and the best you can do is just learn from the situation and apply a bit less oil next time.

Don’t get discouraged and keep that beard healthy and happy.