That’s what one of the competitors in the Lily Grace Cosmetics Beard Contest said of Wilson’s winning facial hair during the Saturday afternoon showdown in Ann Arbor.

Wilson, a Howell resident, said it took almost 18 months to get his award-winning beard the way he wears it today. Although he doesn’t know exactly how long it is, he guessed that it’s more than eight inches from chin to tip, and said he was excited to win the competition when so many other “great beards showed up.”

“It was awesome. I didn’t plan on winning it. I did win one three months ago that had 50 people in it so I kinda knew that I had a little bit more bearding experience than some of the other people,” he said.

The company, which launched last June, makes oils and other products men’s grooming, and the co-owners Michael Haddad and Shaun Walford helped Lily Grace owner Cyndi Clark choose the champion.

“It’s difficult to pick a winner and the turnout was excellent. It’s nice to have that many beards to actually choose from. You never want just a few. It’s not just about length or shape, but also about style and how it suites the person’s face. It’s hard,” Haddad said.


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